It's really all about you.

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Imagine feeling joy and excitement when you open your front door. Relaxing in comfort and style. Ready to host friends and family. Entertaining with ease. Unwinding in the calmness of a home that speaks to you on many levels.

A home environment that you love to come home to, frees you to focus on the things that matter most.

Beautiful and harmonious surroundings benefit our emotional well-being.

Hi, I'm Julie. Transforming houses into exceptional homes that are rich in character, and reflect the people who live in them, is our specialty. Let us work together to give you a well designed home with all the comfort and function you need with a style that is as unique, elevated and authentic as you are. 

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Balance over symmetry, timelessness over trends.

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Our clients are typically busy professionals with families. They have great taste, but they don't have the time or the contacts to create the space they crave. We help them realize the full potential of their home and turn it into the place they love most. 

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