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We are here to ensure you get the home of your dreams, from the initial design concept, to the complete execution of a project. Whether that be a full kitchen reno or sprucing up your bedroom.

Step One




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Julie Taylor consulting with a client

This is an immersive working session that is designed to set your project in motion. 

We’ll identify the areas of your home requiring work and provide you with options for taking care of any challenging areas. We’ll address the overall function and layout of your space, and whether any construction work is required. We also discuss elements like furniture, lighting, window coverings and anything else that's on your list.

You'll get ideas and solutions, your questions answered, and a clear work plan to continue designing your home.


  • Pre-meeting questionaire
  • 2 hour in-home session
  • Follow up report outlining ideas and design plan
  • Fee proposal for full service design

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Next Steps

Vision Board



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Design elements like swatches and tiles

You'll receive a visual document that identifies every element required to complete your space, and you'll see how well they work together.

The vision board also includes key descriptors and tips for each of the items presented.

You can confidently source and purchase the items yourself, or we can continue working together on the full service design.

Full Service Design


Price Varies

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Living room decorated

After our initial design consultation, our full service design is a collaborative process that transforms your space into a beautifully finished interior, with every detail taken care of.

Every project moves through my seamless step by step process.

First, we develop a design concept based on your goals, then implement the plan, and in short, transform your space.

Prices vary as each project is unique. You will receive a proposal within one week of our initial consultation.