What’s your own design style?


Timeless design with a modern edge. I like mixing styles and sprinkling in a little vintage. I have a deep appreciation for handcrafted items, original artwork and natural elements. Interiors that tell a story are the ones I find most interesting and captivating.


How long do projects take?


Every project has a different and specific timeline based directly on the scope. Keep in mind that furniture lead times alone are often 4-6 weeks, and can be longer for custom pieces. Certainly, construction and custom work are going to add to the length of the project. Our internal systems, step by step process and seamless coordination with our trusted builders, trades and craftsmen, ensure your project will be handled with both efficiency and attention to detail.


How much is it going to cost?


This is an investment that’s going to add value to your home and enhance the time you spend there. It’s not going to be inexpensive, but really, who can put a price on that?! Following the consultation, you’ll know the design fees right away. I’m also happy to provide customers a cost breakdown of a typical living room based on low/mid range budget and mid/high range budget. *Find a copy here.


Are there any hidden fees?


No. You will learn about Phase 1 design fees following the consultation. I provide flat rate pricing to my clients so there are no surprises. This is true of every Phase of my design process, which is broken down in to 3 Phases. *Read more about my fee schedule here.


How do I know the new space will accurately capture my style and achieve my goals?


Your vision, style preferences and goals are at the heart of my design development process. Before we meet for a consultation, you’ll receive a design questionnaire which allows you to communicate your goals, needs and wants for the project. You share your preferences as well as your dislikes. If you are **on boarded for full service design, an in-person ‘Style Session’ is a fun yet critical part of Phase 1. We discuss every last detail. We’ll peruse your Pinterest board, our own shared board and any magazines or other images you have, to identify all the elements you want to see in your space, and we’ll also discuss the ones you don’t! By nailing down all the details early on, I am confident that the design and furnishings I present will deeply resonate with you.


When can we get started?


Consultations can typically be booked a week following our initial communication. Sometimes an appointment within the same week is possible.